GQ And The New Masculinity: Turning Men Into Women

Prophecy News Watch

There is a definite, concerted, war on gender in our society today. And if you had even the slightest doubt about it, look no further than the November edition of GQ magazine.  There, on the front cover, stands singer and fashion designer Pharrell Williams, adorned gorgeously in a long, flowing robe and looking quite ladylike. And there, around Pharrell’s beautiful form, the theme of this special edition of GQ is spelled out: The New Masculinity.

A Totalitarian Marxist, Not a “Social Democrat”


Not that we needed any further confirmation of Bernie Sanders’s deep-seated contempt for the United States and its heritage, but a monumentally significant tweet that he sent out on Tuesday made it crystal clear that his political agenda has nothing whatsoever to do with defending the Constitution of the United States. Rather, it is entirely about gaining limitless power and dominance over the lives, the actions, and even the private thoughts of every living American.