December 1-2: Carl Teichrib is Jan’s first guest as he just visited the Parliament of World Religions. Then Laurie Cardoza-Moore is our guest as she and Jan discuss the root of anti-Semitism: Replacement Theology in the church. What about the new pro-Muslim, anti-Israel members of the U.S. Congress? Should we be concerned?

December 8-9: Author Jeff Kinley is Jan’s first guest this hour. They discuss his new book, “Uncovering the Secrets of Bible Prophecy: 10 Keys for Unlocking What Scripture Really Says.” This is part one of a two-part program.

December 15-16: Author Jeff Kinley returns to talk about the “things to come” in the Bible from the Rapture, to the Tribulation, Gog-Magog War, the Second Coming, the Millennium, Satan’s release, the Great White Throne Judgment, Judgment of the Gentiles, Satan’s binding, the new Heavens and new earth, and more.

December 22-23: Dr. Mark Hitchcock spends the hour with Jan discussing the believer’s day of reckoning, the Bema Seat. We will be praised or reprimanded for things we did in our Christian life. This is not a time of condemnation but a day of accounting.

December 29-30: Jan Markell gives her presentation on global government: “Hidden in Plain View: The New World Order in Bible Prophecy.”