Prominent Democrat encouraging the assassination of Trump

The American Thinker

Yet Alcee Hastings, a senior Democratic whip in the House of Representatives, and a prominent member of the Congressional Black Caucus, offered a threatening joke to a rally on Sunday.  As the poor quality of the video embedded below attests, TV cameras were not there to record the event, and Hastings probably didn’t expect the broader public to become aware of his incitement.

Given Over

Omega Letter

No, this madness is more than elections, but an overarching issue, the loosening of the restraint of evil around the world. In other words, the closer we get to the end, the more unhinged the world becomes. TDS then is only one sign (out of many) forecasting the true nature of the increasingly deranged times we find ourselves. On the plus side, this madness is not only symptomatic of the lateness of our day and age, but is also indicative of the nearness to our Lord’s return.