What Exactly Are End-Time Signs? Part 2

By Todd Hampson

In part 1 I defined what the signs are and demonstrated that we are expected to watch and be awake. Now, let’s take a brief look at some of the end-time signs. There are so many, I’ve grouped them into categories. I don’t have space include specific examples, but I wanted list the categories so you are familiar with them. In an upcoming post, I’ll share several compelling examples.

‘Unplanned’ Reaches 80K More Followers than Planned Parenthood


“Every American who cherishes free and open speech should be speaking out about the manipulation of Twitter, and they’re misleading the public on how they operate as a corporation,” Swindell said.

Swindell, who runs what she calls “life-affirming” women’s health clinics in the United States and abroad, called the movie “life-changing” and “pro-woman” and said it was “deeply troubling” that Twitter would censor the film’s account even for a short time.

Microchip Implants, Artificial Intelligence, 5G and The Mark of the Beast.

Canada Free Press

The Mobile World Congress meeting took place in Barcelona, Spain back in February. Representatives from the telecommunications industry, auto industry, microchip industry and banksters (100,000 people in all) met to discuss the future of wireless technology. The main theme of this year’s meeting was artificial intelligence and intelligent connectivity. So how are cell phones, microchips, artificial intelligence and wireless phones connected? And why were auto manufacturers, the microchip industry and banksters involved?