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Jim Towers – Rapture Ready

I finally gave up in looking for a church where I felt truly comfortable. A good church is hard to find, especially these days when money is the bottom line and apostasy reigns supreme.  There doesn’t seem to be a sense of awe or reverence for the things of God anymore. It seems we’ve finally been able to box Him into our humanistic way of thinking.

The Era of the Ungrateful American

Writer Warner Todd Huston notes, “Rapinoe raised eyebrows in the 2018 season by taking a knee during the playing of the national anthem even though she is playing for the U.S. Women’s National soccer team. Her taking a knee only came to an end starting in the 2019 season because the team passed a rule requiring players to stand during the anthem. But she right away said that she would never sing the ‘Star Spangled Banner’ again, nor would she place her hand over her heart because she hates America.”

The Curious Mystical Text Behind Marianne Williamson’s Presidential Bid

The New York Times

The New Age author was drawn to an esoteric bible in the 1970s. It made her a self-help megastar. And now it has gone mainstream.

Ms. Williamson’s debut may have appeared offbeat, a not-so-serious collection of truisms about love. But more was happening here. She was, in fact, drawing directly from a homegrown American holy book called “A Course in Miracles,” a curious New York scripture that arose during the heady metaphysical counterculture of the 1960s.

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