The Last Church Before the Rapture

By Lambert Dolphin

There were two problems in this church: First, there was something wrong with their commitment. They were neither cold nor hot. They were suffering from what someone has well called “the leukemia of non-commitment.” And, also, there was something wrong with their self-image, as we will see in Verse 17. They thought they were rich, but they were really poor.

Why This New California Bill Is So Dangerous To The Church

Prophecy News Watch

The final text of the bill states this: “This measure would call upon all Californians to embrace the individual and social benefits of family and community acceptance, upon religious leaders to counsel on LGBTQ matters from a place of love, compassion, and knowledge of the psychological and other harms of conversion therapy, and upon the people of California and the institutions of California with great moral influence to model equitable treatment of all people of the state.”

Precursor to the Beast – Eric Barger

PART ONE – The Expanding Scope of China’s Surveillance State and What it Means for the Church

China has become known for technological prowess and leaders of the Communist nation would like it to become the one-stop shop for all things electronic. However, installing and maintaining infrastructure for many of the nations Beijing has been courting doesn’t add up as the best of business moves. A quick survey of the headlines I’ve included below would cause one to wonder, as many of the states China is targeting would likely have difficulty just acquiring such financing, let alone getting it at little or possibly no interest. Thus, we can be sure that the Chinese objective in providing and maintaining the hardware installed in distant, out of the way places isn’t benevolent and it surely won’t be free. So, what else is going on here as China markets its gear and expertise worldwide?