Sebastian Gorka: The Green New Deal Is a Watermelon – ‘Green on the Outside and Deep, Deep Communist Red on the Inside’

CNS News

“According to the amazing Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation, they did a poll last year in which they found that 52 percent of American millennials would like to live in a socialist or communist America,” Gorka said, which is why 40 Democrat candidates in the last midterm election called themselves socialists.”

Will Red States be Eliminated?

Canada Free Press

The next national election will be contentious. Given that Democrats have literally lost their minds over the last one, they plan on never losing another national election. There is no doubt that Democrats, especially new leaders coming on the scene, want a secular socialist government with all vestiges of Judeo-Christianity removed. It competes with their progressive socialist theology. They will not abide with another Republican win. This is how they think they will do it.

3 Responses to the Signs of Christ’s Return

By Todd Hampson

This is somewhat of a “choose your own ending” post like some of the novels and books that are out there which offer different stories based on which path you choose. To that end, I have split this post into 3 sections for 3 different audiences. First for those believers who love the Lord but you don’t sense that the Biblical signs are significant—or that they are a distraction. Second to those who see the signs and believe the Lord’s return may be near. Third, for those who are not Christians and somehow stumbled onto this post out of curiosity or purely by “accident.” See subheadings below to choose your own adventure.