The Foolish “I Hope Trump Fails” Philosophy On Iran

Prophecy News Watch

Those who hold this view would apparently rather see the country fail than see President Trump do well. Rooting for President Trump to fail in his policy with Iran means calling for empowering and emboldening a theocratic regime that has consistently threatened “Death to America” — with nukes, presumably, if it had the capability, which it is busy acquiring.

California 6.9.Earthquake was Number 8,329 in Last 12 Months

American Thinker

California’s 6.9 magnitude on the Richter scale earthquake on the San Andreas fault line was just one of the 8,239 earthquakes that hit the state in the last 12 months.

Earthquake magnitudes are measured on an exponential scale with each point of increase representing ten times more intensity. California normally experiences about 20 tremblors a day, but July 4th and 5th saw a “quake storm” with over 766 events.