How Emmanuel Macron Became the New Leader of the Free World


In addition to being Trump’s ideological opposite, Macron can be viewed as something of a beacon for progressives hoping to find their way back to the halls of power across the democratic world. As a progressive, young outsider who rode a wave of voter revolt against the governing establishment, Macron managed to capture the populist’s insurgent spirit without embracing their reactionary demands.

Collision Course

Rapture Ready

It would be wrong for me to say or to infer that all Bible prophecy teachers agree on everything the Bible says about the future of Syria, Lebanon, Russia and Iran because they don’t (some think Psa. 83 is a prophecy, some think it is a prayer, some think it is both, etc.).

But despite the differences of opinion, most of the Bible prophecy teachers that I know believe the aforementioned nations are on a collision course with God over Israel and that their defeat is getting close.