What Do They Know? US And Russia Developing Plan To Deal With Incoming Asteroids

Prophecy News Watch

When the Russians take decisive action, it is usually for a reason.  As you will see below, the Russians have suddenly decided that now is the time to create an organization that will be tasked with detecting, tracking and potentially destroying incoming asteroids.  
Are they doing this now because they have finally decided that this is a good idea, or has something gotten their attention?  

Slouching Toward Gomorrah

Canada Free Press

How prophetic was Judge Bork in 1996, when he wrote that book.  Today, we see what he was talking about;  the legalization of abortion, especially late term abortion; the decriminalization of most all drugs; affirmative action and the imposition of reverse discrimination; the increase of violence in the mass media and in the motion picture industry and music industry; the misapplication of militant feminism; and the increase of the “politics of personal destruction” …..