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July 1-2:  Leo Hohmann is our guest talking about his book "Stealth Invasion." He reveals why no one is safe in light of Islamic immigration into your neighorhood.

July 8-9:  Amir Tsarfati is our radio guest the entire hour.

July 15-16: We air Dr. Mark Hitchcock's conference message from last October at "Understanding the Times 2016."

July 22-23: We talk current events with Michele Bachmann for the hour in part one of a two-part series.

July 29-30: Michele Bachmann returns for part two of the two-part series. 


August 5-6: Dr. Dave Reagan joins Jan to talk Israel in prophecy.

August 12-13: Jan and Eric's guest for the hour is Joseph Farah.

August 19-20: There is a climate in most churches today that shuts out eschatology, current events, and other important issues of our day. Calvary's Chapel's Pastor Tom Hughes, as well as Pastor Mark Henry, unpack this dilemma with Jan Markell.

August 26-27: We are hoping Pastor Jack Hibbs can join us for part of the hour.










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