Could foreign spies have penetrated the CIA, FBI, and DOJ?


Attorney General Barr is looking at internal American spying, and it’s a good thing. But while he’s at it, he should take a hard look at traditional spying. You know, enemy spies in our midst.

What if the coup operation worked, in whole or in part, thanks to the skilled efforts of one or more foreign intelligence services? What if our intelligence services were penetrated by Russian, Chinese, Iranian, Cuban and North Korean agents, who manipulated our spooks by dint of disinformation?

The Least I Can Do

Rapture Ready

The scenario: you have been accused of a “capital” crime, and the punishment is death. The charges have been proven beyond any shadow of a doubt, and there is no appeal. All hope is just about gone.  Then, you’re taken from your cell and called back into court for final judgment; the outcome looks dim. Just before the Judge announces your punishment, a Man steps forward and says, “Your Honor, I will take this person’s punishment, and ask that you set him/her free.” The Judge sees that the One making the request is His Own Son.

Illegals get free public housing as impoverished Americans wait

The American Thinker

Want some perspective on why so many blue sanctuary cities have so many homeless encampments hovering around?  Try the reality that illegal immigrants are routinely given free public housing by the U.S., based on the fact that they are uneducated, unskilled, and largely unemployable. Those are the criteria, and now importing poverty has never been easier. Shockingly, this comes as millions of poor Americans are out in the cold awaiting that housing that the original law was intended to help.