Drowning in Deception

Our May e-newsletter

As Terry James says, “Deception is the order of the day with the 21st-century world. The deceivers are among us. They, in fact, rule this fallen planet while the wind-up of human history runs its inevitable course. Never have there been prophetic topics more worthy of dissection and analysis than those encapsulated within this book’s title.”


Christ at the Checkpoint: Is the Virus Spreading?

By Olivier Melnick

The very first article of their manifesto says ” The Kingdom of God has come. Evangelicals must reclaim the prophetic role in bringing peace, justice and reconciliation in Palestine and Israel.” While I would agree on various aspects of the Manifesto, I also have some serious concerns about other parts. “The Kingdom of God has come” assumes that we all agree about a theology known as “Kingdom Now Theology.” Kingdom Now Theology claims, among other things, that Yeshua’s Kingdom was inaugurated at His First Coming, while Scripture states that He will reign as Messianic King on the throne of David from Jerusalem in the yet-to-come Millennial Messianic Kingdom …

Why Teach the Rapture of the Church?

The above opening verses describe a reality that many of us will experience, I believe soon in this time of the end of this age. It describes the ‘Harpazo” or the forceful removal of the church from this earth in a instant, or the twinkling of an eye. Some people just cannot wrap their minds around such a concept. Many don’t believe what the Bible shows us to be truth.
Paul was the first to make this known to the world, as it had never been taught before Paul called it a “mystery” or something not revealed in the past. The prophet Isaiah approached the doctrine in chapter 26, when he described the coming of the Lord to those in his time period.

The False Prophet

As we survey the world stage right now, we observe personalities that are taking on characteristics of the Antichrist and the False Prophet spoken of in the Bible. There are more clues to the Antichrist than there are to the False Prophet. That does not deter me, your faithful researcher and contributor, from relaying as much as I can to you from the scriptures on the person known as the False Prophet of the last days. So, here we go….

His characteristics are: