“It’s Like A Horror Film”: Botched Wuhan Quarantine Left Dead Bodies In The Street, Sick Waiting Days For Care

Zero Hedge

Western media organizations have published a series of in-depth reports attempting to illuminate what life on the ground at the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak looks like. But few have captured the atmosphere of the situation quite like a team of AFP journalists who lingered in Wuhan after the lockdown, and have detailed their experiences in diary format.

Massive Crowd Turns Up In Heavy Snowfall To Attend Funeral Of 91-Year-Old Veteran Who Died Alone


“We have an unaccompanied Veteran with no known family members that is being laid to rest at Pikes Peak National Cemetery ‪on Friday Morning‬ (‪7 FEB 2020‬) at 0900,” the Cheyenne Mountain VFW Post 3917 shared on Feb. 3. “SSGT Clyde Baldwin (USAF Retired) served from 1950 to 1970. Please help get the word out for a good showing.”

Derision in Microcosm – Terry James

When witnessing things going on in the American political world over the past months, one can but come to one conclusion: The Lord is at work directing all things into eschatological channels of His own design.   Those who adamantly oppose godliness are mostly on the side of one political party. They are for everything the Lord in Heaven says He is against. God is making that opposition clear by confusing them for all the world to see.