California Passes Law Forcing Churches To Embrace LGBT

Times, they are a changin’. America, the most Christian of nations. Is in a death slide of sorts when it comes to its Christian legacy as the California State Assembly has just passed a resolution that requires pastors and their churches to affirm homosexuality.

No longer can a pastor and his or her church decide what is right according to the bible for them under the new law.

How the Left Wing Lords of the Internet Intend to Swing the 2020 Election


Highlights of “BIG TECH’S STEALTH COUP” include:

  • “Big Tech’s big secret: It wants to defeat Trump – and then reshape America and the world” by David Kupelian
  • “Democrat researcher proves Google’s massive anti-Trump bias: Search results favoring Hillary Clinton likely shifted as many as 3 million votes to her” by Art Moore
  • “Google: We must stop ‘fake news’ as ‘that’s how Trump won’”