Christian who escaped Chinese persecution warns US descending into ‘communist-style of governance’

Fox News

The leader of a watchdog group that monitors Christian persecution in China said he’s seeing echoes of the Chinese Community Party “playbook” in the U.S., and he’s worried it’ll get worse.  Bob Fu, president of the U.S.-based non-governmental organization ChinaAid, said he’s seeing the same tactics in Western nations that the CCP uses to crack down on churches.

Archbishop Viganò: Reject Soros, Schwab, and Gates, ‘We Need an Anti-Globalist Alliance’

We need an Anti-Globalist Alliance that returns to citizens the power that has been taken from them and to nations the sovereignty eroded and ceded to the Davos lobby.” Meanwhile, he warns against Globalists’ schemes, such as their woke ideology, Great Reset, and Agenda 2030, which constitute an enormous threat to the survival of mankind. 

The U.N. Takes a Stand Against God – Hal Lindsey

Let that soak in. God kept His promise. A nation was born in a day. He brought His people back into the land that He gave them so long ago. And the UN now chooses to commemorate that miracle as a “catastrophe.”  The Israeli news service i24News reported, “Palestinians consider the establishment of Israel and its existence to this day as the ‘Nakba’ (catastrophe in Arabic) . . . .