AUDIO: The Second Coming of the New Age

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Jan Markell talks to former New Ager Steven Bancarz for the hour. This $10 billion movement has “Christianized” its tactics to fool Christians and infiltrate the church. Over 60% of Christians embrace at least one New Age belief and the doctrine of demons has moved into many church sanctuaries. Listen to Steven’s warnings. We use the mobile app at

How Does This End? – As It Began!

Rapture Ready

Do I reach out and take what Satan is offering/commanding so I can eat for another day? Or do I believe God’s written Word that, if I take that mark/chip in my hand, God WILL throw me into hell-fire to be tormented FOREVER?   As it began in the Garden of Eden created in sinless perfection, one single choice – to eat or not to eat – decided the WHOLE future of the world of man to come.

Transgender Domination Of Sports Only Beginning As More Sports Capitulate

Prophecy News Watch

Various sporting events are divided into men’s and women’s categories for good reason: male athletes enjoy a significant advantage in nearly every contest of physical strength, speed or endurance. The transgender movement that seeks to classify gender and/or sex as an identity that be simply asserted or changed at-will now threatens completely to destroy women’s sports.