Bypass the Pope By Going Directly to The Savior

Canada Free Press

People are said to be leaving the Church in droves.  The Bishop of Rome has slammed the door shut on all criticism of the dominance of homosexuality in a clergy increasingly in league with the devil.  Most scandalously homosexual priests seem to be favored by the Vatican while devoted, traditional, stick-to-the-Gospel parish priests are being thrown to the wolves or smothered in an unrelenting bureaucracy that sees little or no merit in priests intent on putting the Gospel of Christ before Global Warming and Social justice in their homilies.

Are you the Last Gentile?

Rapture Ready

Now, the main topic – what happens when the Fullness of the Gentiles comes in? As with every war, there is one final victim. With every sport, one final play and then the end. This is the same with God. He has one final Gentile in mind before sending Jesus to take His Church home (Rapture). Meanwhile, Jesus is waiting for all to call on Him to be saved from the Wrath to come.