Mall of America Tells Man to Remove ‘Jesus Saves’ Shirt Over ‘Offended’ Shoppers

Todd Starnes

“What is wrong with my t-shirt?” the man asked. The back of his shirt reads, “Jesus is the only way” with the “coexist” symbol crossed out.

“Again, sir, it is religious soliciting. There is no soliciting on mall property, which is private property,” the guard told the man. “We’ve had guests come up and say they are offended by your shirt.”

Minnesota Poised To Ban Christians, Muslims, And Jews From Teaching In Public Schools

The Federalist

The state agency that composed the changes disputed they would effectively ban religious Americans from teaching in Minnesota schools through a spokeswoman on Wednesday. The spokeswoman did not respond to a follow-up asking how Christians, Jews, and Muslims could adhere to their faith while complying with the licensing requirements that all new teachers publicly reject their faiths’ declaration that God has created only two sexes, male and female.

Man’s Quest For Immortality: Attempting To Replant The Tree Of Life With Technology

Harbinger’s Daily

Yuval Noah Harari, an acolyte of the World Economic Forum, believes this to be the concept of homo deus – when man becomes god. In fact, he says, “History began when humans invented gods, and will end when humans become gods.” You see, man craves superintelligence and there is a modern belief that superintelligence and godhood will be the products of human ingenuity.

Memo of Love to Israel – Terry James

President Harry S. Truman stood against most of his presidential cabinet in supporting the rebirth of Israel, and the nation came into modernity, with its own language of Hebrew still intact even after all those centuries of dispersion. The date was May 14, 1948. This rebirth is considered a miracle even by many secular historians.

The one bright prospect for this nation of destiny is that the God of Israel will never let that nation be destroyed; we have His Word on it.