AUDIO & VIDEO: Before the Wrath: Why There Must Be a Rapture

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Jan Markell spends the hour with Brent Miller, Jr. discussing his forthcoming film, “Before the Wrath.” Miller hopes this will rekindle interest in end-time issues in the church. Find the DVD in our online store though shipment won’t be until December. This forthcoming drama includes commentary from J.D. Farag, Jack Hibbs, Amir Tsarfati, and others. We use the mobile app found at

Dick Morris: ‘If You Feel a Pulse, You Know Hillary’s Going to Run’


“I think it’s always possible that Hillary runs,” Morris stated. “You know, John, there’s a test you can do at home. Just put your fingers on her wrist, and if you feel a pulse, you know she’s going to run.”

Morris went on to say he believes Warren gets the nomination, which he explained would be bad news for the Democratic Party looking to take down President Donald Trump.