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Friday, 05 January 2018 07:34

A Message of Hope!

Rapture Ready

After completing the dwelling places for himself and his new bride to his father's satisfaction, and allowing his fiancé to adjust to and prepare for married life, the father of the groom would indicate that it was time for the bridegroom to return for his beautiful bride! With a shout the bridegroom would announce his arrival, and along with his trusted companions and friends, would take her away to her new home. The bride would leave her old home on hearing the voice of her new husband and immediately leave for her new home. In fact, she wouldn't even look back!

This is the imagery that Jesus used to convey the meaning of his absence. This imagery perfectly fits the concept of the rapture of the church....

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Conservative Review

Top House Freedom Caucus members are calling for Attorney General Jeff Sessions to step aside "now."

Reps. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, and Mark Meadows, R-N.C., writing in an op-ed for the Washington Times, say that Sessions' recusal from the Russia investigation and his apparent lack of control over "improper behavior" in the FBI show the need for a new attorney general.

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NOTE: We take this story very seriously and see no humor in it! -- OTM

Strangely, the fire broke out just 24-hours after daughter Chelsea Clinton was seen lamenting that it'd been "so long" since she'd spoken with the Church of Satan, and wished the devil worshipers a "Happy New Year."

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AFA OneNewsNow

A Trump advisor – a Southern Baptist pastor – has some strong words for those who say evangelicals compromised their witness by supporting Donald Trump during the November 2016 election and beyond.

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Thursday, 04 January 2018 07:36

Europe: Closer to the Antichrist

Understanding the Times 2017 Conference speaker Amir Tsarfati teaches that Europe is even closer to producing the Antichrist than in part 1 of his message, "Europe: Ready for the Antichrist." Learn why. This is part 2 of his message last year. Things are speeding up.

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Thursday, 04 January 2018 07:19

Two Doors, Two Destinations

Rapture Ready

As I think about loved ones, friends and others I don't even know, I often think to myself, "I would love for Jesus to come today, but if He delays, that's okay, because it gives someone else a chance to make the right decision about Jesus Christ and their soul." I would hate for anyone to experience the Tribulation, but many will. The time of the Tribulation will be so bad it could be called a preview to hell. Even for the few who will be saved during that time, many of them will probably die by very unpleasant means.

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Thursday, 04 January 2018 07:11

War and Rumors of War

PJ Media

North Korea is a nuclear power and the only way to change that is to bomb the holy living crap out of them to destroy their nukes and perhaps even send in troops to finish the job.

Either war is a near dead certainty in 2018, or Donald Trump will humiliatingly climb off the ledge and retreat ignominiously -- with Kim gloating all the way.

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Prophecy News Watch

What is Progressive Christianity?

It can be hard to define progressive Christianity because it's an umbrella term for a lot of different beliefs. But I think my friend and fellow blogger, Alisa Childers (who was once part of a progressive Christian church) hit the nail on the head when she summarized it this way in a recent post:

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Tell me if it's my imagination that the Communist Party USA, CNN, the New York Times and the Democratic Party are speaking from the same talking points.

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Wednesday, 03 January 2018 19:19

More Pagan Gods Appear


First, the global body was part of the funding of the re-creation of the Roman triumphal arch that once welcomed travelers to the Temple of Baal.

Then it was the re-creation of a statue of the goddess Athena that once stood in Palmyra.

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