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Wednesday, 20 September 2017 07:13

The Sabotage of Christianity from Within


Dr. Mark Hitchcock is Jan and Eric's guest and says that the greatest danger to the church is apostasy from within. As we move more into the last days, the predicted apostasy will only increase as it prepares the world for the final Antichrist. They also discuss current events that are driving the world to turn to a "man with a plan" to solve the many global problems. We use the mobile app found at www.oneplace.com.

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Linking the "Unsealed" film with all evangelical Christians is unfair. When we wake up Sunday to find the video's prophecy unfulfilled, even more people are likely to mock our faith. But such is the culture we inhabit.

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In a powerful nationalist speech to the U.N. General Assembly Tuesday, President Trump gave a full-throated defense of his "America First" agenda and called for other nations to emphasize their sovereignty as the foundation for international cooperation.

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Tuesday, 19 September 2017 12:36

Another victim of the Clintons?

Host to depart "The View"......

However, according to Page Six, some are wondering if Bila's sudden exit has something to do with her questions for Hillary Clinton when the failed candidate was on the show promoting her book five days ago. Bila said Clinton was "tone deaf".....

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Tuesday, 19 September 2017 08:03

Embracing the Spirit of the Age

Unfortunately, there are many other people inside the local church who aren't following Jesus, they claim to be but they are following a different Jesus. Many of these people gather in and around the church to feel better about themselves. Oftentimes they do feel better because the pastors are soothing their itching ears.

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Tuesday, 19 September 2017 07:47

What’s So Significant About the Signs?

Based on the feedback I receive from my writing, I know several believers question the relevance of what we are seeing today in regard to the return of the Lord. The world has seen natural disasters, earthquakes, and wars since the beginning of recorded history. What's so significant about the things we are seeing today? Are they really any different than what has happened in earlier times?

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The Times of Israel reports: NEW YORK — Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu presented US President Donald Trump with a detailed plan on how to "fix" the nuclear agreement with Iran during a meeting Monday, he said.

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Will there be a major stock market crash before the end of 2017? To many of us, it seems like we have been waiting for this ridiculous stock market bubble to burst for a very long time.

The experts have been warning us over and over again that stocks cannot keep going up like this indefinitely, and yet this market has seemed absolutely determined to defy the laws of economics.

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As President Trump's staunchest backers wonder why he has suddenly dropped "Islamic" from two important war speeches, the mystery in the latter instance can be traced to the Pentagon, says an administration source.

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Bongino describes the agency as suffering an "existential" crisis and reeling from recent scandals. And the former agent has provided a sober, detailed look at how one of America's elite law enforcement agencies has sabotaged itself.

Bongino identifies the reason for the collapse of the Secret Service as "mission creep," as the agency has lost sight of its primary mission of protecting the president following its incorporation into the Department of Homeland Security.

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