Tribulation Rising: The Globalists Need a War

On March 15, a popular new song was released about Zelensky titled, “Can One Man Save the World?” While we must be careful about trying to name the Antichrist, it is clear that this man is drawing international attention, with aspirations given to him as a global leader.  Add to that, he is European, Jewish, and rose from obscurity. It would be safe to say he could be another “type” of the Antichrist as the true Antichrist will have these characteristics. 

The Dangers of Neglecting Bible Prophecy in the Pulpit – Jonathan Brentner

Fear stands out as the key motive behind the silence. Pastors also say they do not understand prophecy, but do they take the time to learn or turn to those who do understand it?  Someone might ask: “Why does that matter? Does it really make a difference if preachers keep quiet on future things as long as they proclaim the Gospel with biblical clarity?”