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Tuesday, 16 May 2017 18:32

Caught Up - Terry James

The majority of so-called Christian programming involves prosperity-a-thons that are almost as ubiquitous as the secular infomercials that incessantly barrage the late-late-night/early-morning viewers. Most in America in these closing days of this Church Age comprise a generation caught up in a world system that long ago pushed God out of the equation for living on the planet He designed for mankind.

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Tuesday, 16 May 2017 16:43

The Foolish Embassy Expectations Game

It's also likely to mean he will heed their warnings that an embassy move would set off riots in the Muslim world rivaling those occurring in reaction to a Danish newspaper publishing cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed. That's a price that not even a Trump may be willing to pay to keep a promise.

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A record low percentage of Americans believe that the Bible is "actual word of God," with more calling it a "book of fables," similar to Aesop's, according to a new survey.

Gallup reports that just 24 percent believe the Bible should be taken "literally, word for word."

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Tuesday, 16 May 2017 08:33

The Undeniable Sign Of Christ's Return

Nevertheless, most of the world remains ignorant of the soon return of Jesus Christ. While I can understand why some people might overlook some of these signs, I don't understand how they could miss one sign in particular.

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Tuesday, 16 May 2017 08:23

It Could Happen Today


Jan's first guest is Pastor Billy Crone. Jan and Crone consider the date of September 23, one of the most searched topics on Google. Is this more date-setting? This refers to the "great sign" in Revelation 12. Some suggest that the Rapture or Tribulation will begin on this date. We believe as it concerns the Rapture, "it could happen today" which is imminency. Then Jan, Jill and Eric talk about the mainstreaming of evil. Who would have thought that Drudge and Fox News would feature witches cursing President Trump? We use the mobile app found at www.oneplace.com.

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If Hillary had won the 2016 election her campaign would eventually have transformed into an ongoing organizing effort the way Obama for America transformed into Organizing for Action after his reelection in 2012. Hillary lost the election but her "Stronger Together" campaign motto seems to have morphed into a new organization called "Onward Together" anyway. It even has the same arrow logo. Hillary announced it on Twitter Monday:

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Tuesday, 16 May 2017 08:01

Islam Critic Robert Spencer Poisoned

Robert Spencer, known for his exposure of the role of Islamic theology in global jihad, says he was poisoned by a leftist in Iceland who recognized him at a restaurant after he had given a speech in the island nation's capital.

Spencer writes in a report obtained by WND that a young Icelander came up to him at a restaurant and called him by name, shaking his hand and saying he was a big fan.

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There's really not a polite way to say this but the folks over at "Saturday Night Live" are a bunch of pompous, low-rent, intergluteal clefts.

I came to that conclusion after watching "actress" Aidy Bryant's absurd parody of Sarah Huckabee Sanders, President Trump's deputy press secretary.

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Monday, 15 May 2017 16:15

An Hour You Think Not

Those who come to faith after the Rapture will be plunged into the darkest period of human history replete with supernatural signs, wonders, and judgments, as well as having witnessed the Rapture event itself. This fullness of the Gentiles is not to be confused with the times of the Gentiles which does not find its completion until the end of the seven-year Tribulation (Luke 21:24).

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A poll released the Public Religion Research Institute and the Atlantic on Tuesday examining sentiments held by white, working class adults found that almost half surveyed felt that they had become "strangers" in their own country.

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