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Geri Ungurean

If you engage in conversation on a regular basis with a liberal, then surely you have listened as they parrot back what they have heard on CNN, MSNBC and all other Leftist news sites.

When writing about my stay with my sister, I recounted how I had to endure CNN being on from sunrise to sunset. I put headphones on to listen to Christian music. Unfortunately, they were not noise cancelling headphones, so the Cable "Noise" Network (CNN) assaulted my ears and my spirit whenever I sat with my sister.

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Wednesday, 10 January 2018 07:33

Things to Come in 2018 - Todd Strandberg

Rapture Ready

The year 2017 was an amazing year for prophetic progress. The top news item was Trump's decision to relocate our embassy to Jerusalem, but there were a lot of minor events that showed the stage is being set for the tribulation hour. Bible prophecy was unfolding at a pace that I've never seen as a prophecy watcher.

This new year should be very interesting because we have several conflicts and scenarios that have built up to where they need to be resolved at some point. I see three examples that I would be very surprised if they ran into 2019:

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Daily Caller

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson went after President Trump Tuesday for appearing to give up on his immigration priorities, prompting Tucker to ask, “what was the point of running for president?”

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New York Times best-selling author and populist conservative columnist Ann Coulter says "nothing" in Michael Wolff's recent salacious book Fire and Fury could "hurt" President Trump as much as his statement on Tuesday that an amnesty for illegal aliens will be a "bill of love."

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Tuesday, 09 January 2018 19:00

Jerusalem: God's Time Clock


Jan's guests include White House correspondent Bill Koenig and Laurie Cardoza-Moore. Bill Koenig states that Donald Trump's primary role is to accelerate final day events. They review his remarkable first year. Koenig and Cardoza-Moore discuss the Jerusalem proclamation by President Trump and remind people that Jerusalem is God's time clock for the last days. Learn more at www.watch.org and www.pjtn.org. We use the mobile app found at www.oneplace.com.

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Tuesday, 09 January 2018 13:48

Antichrist’s Incubator - Terry James

Mulling over the astonishing end-times stage-setting we are witnessing for the coming Tribulation, I came to a realization that one of the most prominent signals given in Bible prophecy is strangely on the periphery at the moment. Every other signal God's Word gives for the end of the dispensation of grace and the beginning of Daniel's seventieth week (the Tribulation era) is front and center. But, the prophecy about the entity I call for purposes of this essay "Antichrist's Incubator" is almost so low profile at present as to be virtually invisible.

I'm referring to the entity we have long considered the reviving Roman Empire.

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Tuesday, 09 January 2018 11:05

Are You a Member of This Church? - Markell

Olive Tree's e-newsletter

You have heard of the word "remnant." Some people are called "remnant believers." There are "remnant churches." Perhaps you know of some or attend one. I often say that I do "radio for the remnant."

I began to pay more attention to the term when I got some e-mails. Here is a sample from Benjamin:

"Jan, I feel the remnant is getting smaller every day as the time approaches for the Lord's return. The world seems to be getting darker and more evil. I know I am not alone as a member of the Body of Christ but at times it is easy to feel isolated."

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Christian Post

A controversial billboard campaign calling abortion "sacred," "a blessing," "family value," "life-saving," and "a second chance," among other things, was launched this week by the largest abortion clinic in Ohio.

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