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Friday, 10 November 2017 07:28

Conservatives Could Vanish from Internet

Politifact and Snopes are entitled to their incorrect opinions. The trouble is that they don't extend the same privilege to those they disagree with. And Google and Facebook promote fake fact checks while burying sites that discuss actual historical facts. The big internet companies don't want to get involved in all these arguments. But nor are they willing to let their users decide for themselves anymore.

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Two men who identify as women were elected by voters on Tuesday, one running for city council in Minnesota and another seeking to serve in Virginia's House of Delegates.

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Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and several other Republican senators said on Thursday that if allegations of misconduct are true, Alabama Senate Republican candidate Judge Roy Moore should drop out of the race.

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As I wrote in The Arab Lobby, Israel's detractors have become increasingly aggressive at infiltrating K-12 curricula to shape the views of Americans from an early age. Their goals are to demonize Israel and present a sanitized education about Islam.

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Good Bible believing Christians can be found in all three camps. This should not be an area of division among Christians. I have friends in each camp. We can agree to disagree without breaking fellowship. The world will know Christ by how his children love each other.

That being said, I personally believe the Bible clearly supports a pre-trib view of the rapture.

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Much of the commentary on Election Day 2017 is misinformed or only half of the picture. There are 12 reasons that Virginia went Democratic on November 7, and lessons the GOP can learn from them if they want to turn future wipe outs into victories.

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Troubling results from undercover operation at US airports

In recent undercover tests of multiple airport security checkpoints by the Department of Homeland Security, inspectors said screeners, their equipment or their procedures failed more than half of the time, according to a source familiar with the classified report.

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Thursday, 09 November 2017 08:40

Our Upside-Down Reality - Todd Strandberg

As I've stated before, the only logical explanation for why the people of the world show little resistance to this invasion of evil is that we are clearly witnessing a form of end-time madness. The world has become so evil that demonic forces are able to control the minds of the lost. The level of insanity is now so profound, it should be absolutely clear to all believers that the end of the Church Age is very near.

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