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The Coming Global Transformation - CD MP3

This end times audio presentation examines, in story form, subjects such as UFOs, Marian apparitions, the Rapture of the Church, the Middle East conflagration and the search for truth.
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Producer: Jim Tetlow & Eternal Productions

**This is the quick-sleeve version of this MP3 and can only be purchased in quaniity

On the surface, Richard and Danielle were an ordinary married couple who looked to the future with great expectation. But beneath the surface, they knew that something was wrong. Somewhere behind the veil of life as usual, there was a reality they had never been exposed to -- a reality that contained the true nature of extraterrestrial sightings, apparitions and End Time Bible prophecy. For Richard, Danielee, and millions of others, the world was about to change . . . dramatically. But would they change with it?

This audio presentation is a drama based on actual recent news events and the fulfillment of last days Bible prophecy. Though most of the characters and settings are fictional, all of the news articles, books and references quoted within this drama are real - as are the Scripture references. Whenever a media source or Bible passage is quoted, the reference is cited in the footnotes.

Discover the truth, as you listen to this special audio drama, The Coming Global Transformation.

This low-cost ministry version is for give-away only; not for resale. These are ideal for evangelism and outreach, and are inexpensive to mail in the U.S. and overseas.

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