Rush Limbaugh: The Entire West Is Coasting on Accumulated Capital of Previous Generations, Burning Its Inheritance in Bonfire

The Gateway Pundit

Rush is particularly concerned about the real threats facing the West. Today a generation of American youths are not taught about American exceptionalism. Democrats don’t believe in the ideals that made America great. They believe America is the problem. We even had a Democrat president argue that America is not exceptional.

So Rush Limbaugh voiced his concern on the future of America. And it should concern all Americans.

Busy, Busy, Busy

Grant Phillips: Rapture Ready

Yes, the 21st century is a time of fast-paced living. We just can’t seem to slow down. Days rush into weeks, as the weeks overwhelm the months that are before them. Next thing we know, years run quickly behind us. All the while our knowledge is increasing, but are we really any smarter? With all this knowledge, where is wisdom? God says we are drawing to the close of our days. He is coming. Are we ready?

The Miracle of Magalia Pines Baptist Church in N. CA: Surrounded by the Raging Inferno – God Kept the Church and People Safe

By Geri Ungurean

Doug Crowder, pastor of Magalia Pines Baptist Church, risked his life to save others as he gathered up 30 desperate residents and four church members, helping them take refuge at his church building. But as the group loaded up into a convoy of vehicles and attempted to escape the clutches of this monstrous fire, the whole place “exploded,” according to Pastor Crowder.

Will America Betray Israel? – Terry James

The “transparency” presidential candidate Barack Obama and then President Obama promised was never forthcoming. Obama’s intended dealing with Israel for 8 years was wrapped in an impenetrable fog of political doublespeak throughout.

Mr. Obama began his administration almost from the very first day by treating Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu like a White House exterminator–having him come in a door other than the front entrance reserved for dignitaries who are honored with official reception by the president.