Two Christians Discussing LGBTQ

The American Thinker

Planned Parenthood successfully implemented mandatory sex ed in public schools teaching elementary school kids sex techniques. Students are encouraged to experiment with homosexuality and transgenderism. Teachers are being banned from addressing students as boys and girls on the grounds that it is insensitive to transgenders and is gender bigoted.

Drag queens are reading homosexual themed stories to kids in public libraries; using homosexual songs which instructs kids how to move like a homosexual.


Is Belief in the Rapture Relatively New?

Rapture Ready

As a result, those who oppose our beliefs in a pre-tribulation rapture fill up social media and the Internet with stories mocking the rapture as something no one believed until the nineteenth century. They discredit it solely on the basis of its relatively recent appearance in the life of the church.  So, is our belief in the rapture something new in church history? No, absolutely not!