No Indoctrination Here: Trans-Identifying Students Increase 991% Over Two Years

Prophecy News Watch

According to data from a slide presentation inadvertently posted to Twitter, the public now knows how many students in Montgomery County’s 84 schools are struggling with their gender identity — or at least how many told school personnel about their struggle. The Left conceals this information like a teenager’s clandestine tattoo and, like a teenager, resorts to lame excuses when caught.

Seducing The Already Lukewarm Church: Joel Osteen and Deceptive Prosperity Preaching

Harbinger’s Daily – David Fiorazo

When one of the most popular Christian leaders in America focuses more on self-improvement, personal finances, and positive thinking than on the essential doctrines of the faith such as repentance from sin, sanctification, and the atoning work of Jesus Christ, there’s a problem. The prosperity gospel preached by men such as Joel Osteen has been described as biblically anemic theology. And millions have fallen for it.