The Rapture is Real — Jonathan Brentner

Rapture Ready

I will never forget sitting in church listening to an assistant pastor mock the rapture. Up to that point, I had assumed that I was attending a premillennial church where the only debate regarding the rapture was its timing. But as I learned from my follow-up email conversation with this man, such was not the case. He told me that he held to an amillennial viewpoint and did not believe in the rapture.

Franklin Graham: “Disappointing” US To Add Third Gender Option To American Passports

Franklin Graham has come out in opposing the move. I a post on Facebook, he stated: “It is so disappointing that our government would fall for this kind of absurdity.   “They are now going to add a third possible gender option for people applying for a passport who don’t want to identify as a man or a woman. This administration seems to have declared war on common sense, and they want you, me, and everyone else to believe and go along with a lie.

When a Man Wins a Women’s Beauty Pageant, What Does God Think? – David Fiorazo

Harbinger’s Daily

They’re calling it “a historic moment in beauty pageants.” Hollywood, the media, and the left celebrated the victory when Sunday, a biological male was crowned Miss Nevada USA and is now headed to the Miss USA pageant.  A Las Vegas reporter put it this way: “…28 year-old Cataluña Enriquez beating out 21 other women to win the state title…”