We Cannot Bury Our Heads in the Sand about Ilhan Omar

The American Thinker

She cannot simply be seen as a highly motivated immigrant who has made her way to one of the higher offices in the land, someone who is simply living out the Horatio Alger ideal of rags to riches in America.  She has revealed herself as someone with an agenda, an agenda where she is willing to attack the community most in favor of Islamic immigration and the diversity she seems to represent.

AUDIO & VIDEO: So How Close Are We?

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Jan Markell’s guest for the hour is Pastor J.D. Farag.  The world has lost “expectancy” for the Lord’s return and one pastor calls it a distraction. Others are mocking the subject. Jan and Pastor J.D. also talk current events in light of the Bible and lateness of the hour. We live in exciting times yet very few care. We use the mobile app found at www.oneplace.com.

Abortion Survivors Speak Out: Faces & Stories Change Hearts & Minds

Prophecy News Watch

Other survivors on the list you may not have heard of. Melissa Ohden survived a second-trimester abortion attempt because she was actually older than doctors thought. Ohden was subsequently adopted, and only found out about the abortion as a teenager. She responded by tracking down her birth parents and forgiving them. Since then, she’s linked up with over 200 others with similar stories through her organization, Abortion Survivors Network.