Tech Giants Gather for Secret Summit


Facebook, Google, Apple, IBM and Microsoft are among the tech giants that will be represented at a meeting Wednesday in San Francisco to discuss the growing controversy over online privacy. notes it’s been a “tough year for the industry on the privacy front,” fueled by the public reaction to Facebook’s handover of the personal data of 82 million members to the political research company Cambridge Analytica.

Over the Top: Trump Crucifies Christ


He may have taken the place of God for a while in the popular film “Bruce Almighty,” but Jim Carrey’s latest piece of art gets biblical, bloody and political as he depicts President Trump crucifying Jesus.  In his latest work shared Sunday night on Twitter, the Canadian-born comic actor features Trump dressed in the attire of Roman soldier with an angry look on his face as he hammers a nail through the palm of the Son of God.

Families of Victims of Illegal Aliens Tell of ‘Permanent Separation’ From Children

Daily Signal

With President Donald Trump still facing criticism over separating migrant families who illegally crossed the border, other families met with the president Friday to share their stories of “permanent separation” from children killed by illegal immigrants—and to complain of being ignored by the news media.   Among those family members were Laura Wilkerson, who recalled the 2010 slaying of her son Josh.

UFO’s: How the Supernatural Reaches Out To Mankind

Rapture Ready

Within 70 years, we’ve gone from being crazy for believing into, yes, you should believe, but only if you see it our way. No other explanation required, and you’re expected to accept this as is. No deeper digging please; it’s not necessary. The authorities will fill in the blanks as required, so don’t worry; everything is fine and under control. They are a higher power looking to help us with the many problems and troubles we have today. They will have the answers, but we alone will ask the questions.  It is important to see the coincidental timing of those events and the timing of Israel becoming a nation in 1948. Israel is key for keeping track of God’s timetable concerning end-times events.