On 9/11, Who Were These Guys Praying To?

NOTE FROM OTM: We risk by even posting this story in that today’s Left celebrates Islam as a godly religion. Today’s technology is managed by only Leftists who someday will put it in the hands of the Antichrist.–Olive Tree Ministries

“Oh Allah, open all doors for me.
Oh Allah who answers prayers and answers those who ask you,
I am asking for your help.
Allah, I trust in you. Allah, I lay 
myself in your hands….


Students ordered to spray paint over name of Christ on football field – Todd Starnes

Fox News

“I got a phone call from a school official Friday morning while I was having my quiet time and drinking coffee,” Weatherall said. “He said they were instructed to paint over the cross and he was devastated about it.”

After he hung up the telephone and talked to his wife, Weatherall knew that he was going to have to take a stand.

Walmart making light of Soviet atrocities


Walmart.com is selling T-shirts and keychains (see image) featuring the infamous hammer and sickle, a throwback to the nostalgic times of gulags, bread lines, and a lack of basic individual rights to own a home, choose your job, or even complain to your neighbor about the government. According to The Associated Press, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania “have lashed out” and demanded the products be removed.

James Dobson: Time To Rise Up Against the Deep State


In a statement released Monday by the James Dobson Family Institute with Tim Clinton and Jenna Ellis,  Dobson says: “Unfortunately, an insidious power grab has been underway in our nation’s capital for many years and it has inflicted great damage upon our constitutional republic. Unelected bureaucrats, activist judges, and the ever-expanding scope, reach and invasion of the federal government into the lives of all Americans has far surpassed what our Founders ever intended.”

Hurricane Florence “Nightmare Scenario” Could Be “Worst Natural Disaster” For Carolinas And Virginia

Zero Hedge

Over the weekend, South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster declared a state of emergency in anticipation of a direct hit. The declaration allows the state to use the National Guard for preparations and to aid in search and recovery operations in the aftermath. North Carolina and Virginia have taken similar measures.