The Cheerleaders of Destruction – Todd Strandberg

Rush Limbaugh has recently said that lung-cancer treatment sapped his energy and, ‘I Have Been Virtually Worthless.’ His health has received continuous interest from the media because they want him to die. They would rather have his audience of 25 million listening to one of their liberal voices. I think Ruth Bader Ginsburg is an evil saint in the abortion camp, but I don’t pray for her death. The liberal media are now watching Rush like a hungry wolf shadowing a wounded deer:

The Economic Fallout of the Lockdown and Riots will not Diminish Support for Trump

American Thinker

The entire dictionary of modern epithets has been utilized in attacking Donald Trump and his supporters.  He has been relentlessly compared to virtually all 20th Century despots and mass murderers.  He has also been accused of committing treason, of being a sexual predator, a misogynist, a xenophobe, a virulent racist and a homophobe.

Black Lives Matter Thug Forces White Woman to Get on Her Knees and Apologize For Her “White Privilege” (VIDEO)

The Gateway Pundit

A member of BLM approached a white woman in Manhattan and said his “CEO” told him to bring white people to their knees because they have “white privilege.” She immediately got on her knees as the member of Black Lives Matter asked her to “apologize for her white privilege.”  The thug also forced the woman to denounce President Trump.