2020 News of the Year

World Magazine

Year 2020 set a record for the Atlantic hurricane season—30 named storms, 12 hitting the continental United States—but tempests came in other shapes as well. Civil wars continued in Yemen and Syria, wildfires raged in the U.S. West, and China continued to menace the people of Hong Kong. Crises, conflicts, and close calls can remind Christians they are not home yet, but that God is still in control. 

Socialist Calls Into Hannity Radio Show and Says the Quiet Part Out Loud, “We Don’t Want to Unite with You, We Want to Destroy Every Last One of You”

Gateway Pundit

The Socialist caller, David, told Hannity’s guest host ‘Rose Unplugged’ that conservatives will never win another election again because the left “has the machines and has the courts.”   “We don’t want to unite with you. We want to destroy every last one of you,” the caller said.