Pope and “Mother Earth” – Terry James

Right on schedule, a global religious leader has emerged to the forefront of prophetic stage-setting. He has been instrumental in igniting the fever for the global warming (now “climate change”) fanaticism we see developing. Many, even among top Catholic clergy, have expressed they believe this man could be the final pope. A number among those believe him to possibly be the false prophet—the second beast—of Revelation chapter 13.

The Riots: Why Do None Dare Call Them Evil?

CNS News

Ironically, we are faced with evil that cannot be called evil. The media mischaracterize the violent riots as “mostly peaceful protests,” the wanton destruction of property as “an expression of frustration and rage,” and the rioters as “victims of systemic racism and their allies.” These organized riots are not called evil events, attempts to overthrow law and order, or insurrections to destroy America from within. 

Thousands of Churches Across the US to Gather for Repentance Sunday

Christian Post

Thousands of churches across the United States will pray for repentance and revival on Sunday in response to calls by the leaders of more than 50 churches and ministries to observe Repentance Sunday as the country is going through “division, destruction and degradation.”

“Inspired by Old Testament calls to sacred assemblies, this special day (September 27) marks the beginning of Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, in the historic Church calendar,” say the organizers . . . . 

The Unintended Power of One Supreme Court Seat

By David Fiorazo

The left is desperate, but they may have overplayed their hand. Impeachment attempts, constant obstruction, hate spewing, stoking virus fear, business shut-downs, public lock downs, discrimination against Christians and churches, freedoms restricted, riots, vandalism, intimidation, and now – more threats.

Why? They know they cannot win on merit or their godless, socialist policies, so they’re willing to unleash their full fury on the country in order to force change and gain power. 

AUDIO & VIDEO: Telling the Future Before it Happens


Jan Markell opens with a segment with author Todd Hampson. Bible believers know the future before it happens and we are in a time of massive stage-setting today. Then Jan plays an extensive clip of Pastor J.D. Farag and closes with comments as to why won’t people listen to our warnings? We carry Hampson’s book found in our online store at https://store.olivetreeviews.org/prod…. We use the mobile app found at www.oneplace.com.