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December 3-4: We play Amir Tsarfati's second message from our Fall conference October 15: "Europe: Preparing for the Antichrist."

December 10-11: Jan talks to Dr. Mark Hitchcock about the book of Revelation.

December 17-18: Jan and Eric consider the Aleister Crowley occult cabal that nearly moved into the Oval Office. Then they talk to Ken Ham about the reasons Noah's Ark still matters. It is a type of the Rapture.

December 24-25: Jan talks to author Terry James about end-time issues.

December 31-January 1: Jan Markell and Eric Barger review 2016.


January 7-8: Jan reviews Bible prophecy highlights from 2016. Then she is joined by Brigitte Gabriel.

January 14-15: Pastor Billy Crone joins Jan to talk about the Rapture for the entire hour.

January 21-22: Dr. Ron Rhodes talks to Jan and Eric about "Dominion Theology." Some say we will now enter a period of near perfection thanks to a new man in the White House and the church will actually make the world perfect. Why is this rampant false theology?

January 28-29: Bill Koenig reports on the new Administration in Washington. Then Dr. Andy Woods talks about the true Millennium and what we can expect in it.


February 4-5: Mike LeMay talks to Jan and Eric about the new religion in America: Humanism. How did we get here and how are evangelicals contributing?













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