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June 3-4:  Jan spends the hour with Eric Barger discussing his new book, "Disarming the Powers of Darkness." Satan would like to destroy you and those you love. Learn how to fight back. This is an important hour.

June 10-11:  Jan spends the hour with Brent Miller, writer and producer for the new film "The Coming Convergence."

June 17-18:  Jan opens with Carl Teichrib reporting on a pagan convention he attended. The plans the dark side have are shocking. Then she visits with Pastor Ray Bentley about the "Feasts of the Lord." Learn why many think the Lord will return on Rosh HaShanah.

June 24-25: Our guest for the hour is Pastor J.D. Farag.  


July 1-2:  Leo Hohmann is our guest talking about his book "Stealth Invasion." He reveals why no one is safe in light of Islamic immigration into your neighorhood.

July 8-9:  Amir Tsarfati is our radio guest the entire hour.

July 15-16: We air Dr. Mark Hitchcock's conference message from last October at "Understanding the Times 2016."

July 22-23: We talk current events with Michele Bachmann for the hour in part one of a two-part series.

July 29-30: Michele Bachmann returns for part two of the two-part series. 










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