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The greatest Flood/Deluge scholar Dr. John Whitcomb and Jan talk about this epic event in history. What were the times like in Noah's day compared to ours? Where is the ark? How did they care for tens of thousands of animals? How did the animals migrate from all around the world to Noah's ark both to arrive and then get back to their native lands? What lessons can we learn from it all?

Jan and Dr. Ron Rhodes from “Reasoning from the Scriptures’ Ministries” talk about “Angels Among Us”—“close encounters of the celestial kind.” There are good angels and bad and they are in our midst, seen and unseen. What are the characteristics of angels….and a host of other related issues.

Jan talks with Barry Minkow, author of the book "Coming Clean". Barry was the teen-age business whiz of the 1980's but it got him a long prison sentence. He found the Lord, was released from prison, became a pastor, and an undercover agent for the FBI's fraud unit. Uplifting and informative.

Jan and investigative reporter Paul Sperry discuss his new book: "INFILTRATION: How Muslims Are Penetrating Washington." Political correctness and pressure from CAIR and other Islamic groups are allowing questionables to be placed in all high office positions including Homeland Security. Alarming information that all Americans should know about.

Dr. David Reagan and Jan discuss upside down America. Can we survive? They also discuss current issues related to Bible prophecy. Dr. Reagan is one of our "Understanding the Times 2007" speakers. See "CONFERENCES" for details. www.lamblion.com

Marcia Montenegro talks to Jan about her book, "Spellbound: The Paranormal Seduction of Today's Kids." If you have a significant child or teen in your life, you need to hear how they are being seduced by the occult while most parents and others don't even know it. http://cana.userworld.com

Christians are "spiritually hoodwinked" today says award-winning video-journalist Caryl Matrisciana. Eastern practices have come to the West and been "sanitized" but many, including people in the church, are hearing a "different gospel" about "a different Jesus." And they do not know it. www.caryltv.com

Dr. Robert Congdon and Jan discuss the European Union and the North American Union (NAU). There is a connection and in spite of some objections, the NAU is not a figment of someone's imagination. In July, even Congress took a vote to stop the momentum. Congdon's book is "The European Union and the Supra-Religion: Setting the Stage for the Final Act? www.internetbibleinstitute.com

Prolific author and commentator on our times Joel Rosenberg joins Jan for a discussion of current events, often in the light of Bible prophecy. A fascinating hour with information you will hear few other places. Joel is our keynote speaker at our Fall conference. See "CONFERENCES".

Dr. Ron Carlson, Jason Carlson, and Jan discuss the plight of the church today, aberrant theology, false teachings, and false teachers. Ron and Jason are a part of our "Understanding the Times 2007" conference October 19 - 20. Go to "CONFERENCES" for more information. Since a primary sign of the end in Matthew 24 is the rise of all these issues, it is highly-relevant information. www.jude3.com

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