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Nonie Darwish joins Jan to talk about current events. Nonie is called "the most brave woman in the world" as she is a former Muslim, now a Christian, speaking out and against radical Islam. She heads the organization known as Arabs for Israel. www.arabsforisrael.com
Please Note: We originally posted hour two to archives but find we are troubled by the theology presented and have chosen to take it down. Due to the busy end of year duties at our offices, we would ask that you not write for details. Thanks for understanding.

Dr. Jim Murk has just released book two in his series. Jan and Murk discuss "Islam Rising: The Never Ending War Against Israel and the Jews." Find it at "Our Products" on this Web site. They also discuss the latest intelligence report on Iran, the Annapolis summit, and other current event issues, as well as issues in his book.

Should Christians and Muslims join hands and agree on certain things--like getting along on spiritual terms? No, say Eric Barger, Pastor Bob DeWaay and host Jan Markell. Such a plan has been put forth and signed by almost 140 people, evangelicals among them. What are they thinking? Just more end-time deception? Where is the outrage?

Christian higher education is caving to the mystical like our churches are. Two students report on their disillusionment at Bethel Seminary in St. Paul and Moody Bible Institute. While some school leadership tries to hold to truth, others are coming in and undermining it all, teaching ungodly principles. Another sobering hour.

Liz McIntyre is co-author of the book, "The Spy Chips Threat: Why Christians Should Resist RFID and Electronic Surveillance." A sincere warning, not conspiracy theories. McIntyre is considered a leading authority on the use and abuse of surveillance issues.

Nathan Tabor and Jan discuss his new book, "The Beast on the East River: The UN and the Threat to American Sovereignty." Talk about the UN and people will call one a conspiracy theorist today; however, the issue is serious in that on all levels, the United Nations would like to take away America's sovereignty and that of other nations in its mad pursuit of a one world society. And that goal has not changed with the passing of Kofi Annan. www.theconservativevoice.com

Mike Gendron was a Catholic for 30 years and now has a ministry to them. He and Jan talk current events and apologetics in his field of specialty. They also discuss the Willow Creek statement spoken by Bill Hybels renouncing the "seeker" methods, but what is the new course for Willow Creek? Is it really a reversal or an admission of Emergent-friendly methods and "Kingdom Now" theology?www.pro-gospel.org

Bill Koenig heads Koenig's International News and is one of just six Christian White House correspondents. He is also exploring running for the presidency as an independent. He and Jan talk about election issues and more with his always keen eye on the news and on Israel. www.watch.org

Jan and Jack Kinsella discuss current events, Bible prophecy, the '08 election, and projections for 2008. Jack's newest book is "The Last Generation: Ten Signs of the End of the Age." www.omegaletter.com

Warren Smith reports on Robert Schuller's "Re-think" conference in January. Why are prominent Christian leaders giving credibility to Schuller and this conference when it is stacked with "New Age" and other questionable issues and speakers? Smith concludes we need to "re-think Robert Schuller. A sobering hour.

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