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Stephen Bennett, former homosexual, returns and discusses with Jan the plan of the militant gay group "Soulforce" to blitz churches between Mother's Day and Father's Day to harass. They will try to get pastors and members to denounce the verses in the Bible that speak against homosexuality. Prominent mega-churches are targeted such as Willow Creek and Saddleback; however, these churches have not invited the group. www.SBMinistries.org and www.theparentsgroup.com

Lori MacGregor has run MacGregor Ministries in British Columbia for 30 years. The Canadian government is now at war with Christians and have virtually shut down and/or complicated the lives of many Christians and ministries. The latest count is about 2,500 ministries that have come under Canadian scrutiny. MacGregor believes America is next and that American Christians will get the same treatment in a few years. www.MMOutreachinc.com

Jan is joined by a guest very tuned into "Black Liberation Theology." What is it and why is it dangerous? How influenced is Barack Obama by it? And why is it far more prevalent than anybody thought?

Eric Barger returns to talk about "The Occult and Bible Prophecy." Why has he linked these two together? Listen and learn. www.ericbarger.com

Part 2 of Joel Rosenberg's message at "Understanding the Times 2007." (Part 1 is posted for February 17, 2008.) Joel explains why the Middle East is the focus of the world and why Israel is the center of a target. He explains why we are seeing shades of Ezekiel 38 - 39 shaping up today. You can order conference CDs or DVDs here

Jan and guest Pastor Ken Silva discuss the Dalai Lama visit to Seattle and the participation of two Emergent leaders, Rob Bell and Doug Pagitt. The event, "Seeds of Compassion," is sinister manipulation of children. They also discuss "red letter Christians." The two most visible in that movement are Tony Campolo and Jim Wallis, both promoting their own brand of Socialism rather than the Bible. www.apprising.org

Warren Smith returns to discuss the "gospel of Oprah Winfrey." Her many outlets and venues allow her to reach tens of millions with her "New Age"/New Spirituality. The seduction is overwhelming. Smith and Jan also discuss the Eckhart Tolle appearance on her Webcast. Smith is a former "New Ager." You can find his book, "The Light that was Dark: From the New Age to Amazing Grace," at "Our Products."

Discernment ministry leader Ingrid Schlueter and Jan discuss two new and bizarre films to be released this spring: "The Shift" and "The Moses Code." They reflect the "new spirituality" (formerly known as "New Age") and the deification of self. If you want to spare a loved one from the snare of these efforts, tune in. They also discuss Willow Creek's "Shift Conference" which ties in and and features many Emergent leaders, nullifying Pastor Hybels' earlier statement that they "made a mistake" with what Willow Creek was teaching. They have just gone from "seeker-sensitive" to Emergent. www.sliceoflaodicea.com

Pastor Larry DeBruyn has authored the new book, "Church on the Rise: Why I am not a Purpose-Driven Pastor." DeBruyn does not attack Rick Warren but questions the church-growth methods, selling out the Word of God, what is done with "resisters," how rock music plays in, and the general state of Evangelicalism today. But will the Emergent Church overtake the "Purpose-Driven movement?" Jan and DeBruyn conclude that is likely to happen in time. Get the book only at www.frbaptist.org.

Ray Yungen and Jan discuss his updated book, "For Many Shall Come in My Name: How the 'ancient wisdom' is drawing millions of people into mystical experiences and preparing the world for the end of the age." It used to be called "New Age." Now it is repackaged and called "the new spirituality." At its root is deception, even seducing Christians. This is a wake-up call. www.lighthousetrails.com

Order Jan's DVD, "The New Age Rage" at "Our Products" on this Olive Tree Web site.

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