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Jim Tetlow from Eternal Productions talks with Jan about science and the Bible. The Bible has the foreknowledge to predict most of what science has discovered in the last 100 years. This is a very uplifting hour acknowledging the greatness of God and His universe. www.eternal-productions.org

Dr. David Reagan's second message at "Understanding the Times 2007." He paints a picture of our glorious eternal future answering many questions we have about it. If you're discouraged, you need to hear this uplifting talk. Nothing can compare to what God has planned for those who trust Him. Find the complete set of CDs or DVDs here

Gary Kah has been monitoring globalization efforts for over 20 years. He also explains where the presidential candidates stand on the issue of global government, how "regionalization" (North American Union) fits in, and names the organizations that are pushing for all of this. This is outlined in the Bible as the coming one world system. www.garykah.org

Jack Kinsella heads Omega Intelligence Digest. Jack and Jan discuss the "Rider on the Black Horse" of Revelation (famine), how it might apply today with the food shortage, issues surrounding the 2008 election, and more. This ministry recommends his daily e-newsletter with information found at www.omegaletter.com

Why are Protestants taking a road back to Rome? Christianity Today says evangelicals are now looking back to ancient practices, most found in Roman Catholicism. Guest Pastor Bob DeWaay and Jan attribute this to a lack of discernment and the fact that the Bible no longer plays the role it once did for many Christians. Additionally, weak preaching doesn't encourage discernment. www.CICMinistry.org

Award-winning video-journalist Caryl Matrisciana and Jan talk about her film, "Supernatural Powers: The Battle Between Good and Evil." The discussion includes God's angels, fallen angels, the power each have, the characteristics of each, how they play a role in our lives, and how the fallen angels are causing death and destruction. But God's angels are mentioned 300 times more in the Bible than fallen angels! A warning, wake-up call, and encouragement as well. www.caryltv.com

Stephen Bennett, former homosexual, returns and discusses with Jan the plan of the militant gay group "Soulforce" to blitz churches between Mother's Day and Father's Day to harass. They will try to get pastors and members to denounce the verses in the Bible that speak against homosexuality. Prominent mega-churches are targeted such as Willow Creek and Saddleback; however, these churches have not invited the group. www.SBMinistries.org and www.theparentsgroup.com

Lori MacGregor has run MacGregor Ministries in British Columbia for 30 years. The Canadian government is now at war with Christians and have virtually shut down and/or complicated the lives of many Christians and ministries. The latest count is about 2,500 ministries that have come under Canadian scrutiny. MacGregor believes America is next and that American Christians will get the same treatment in a few years. www.MMOutreachinc.com

Jan is joined by a guest very tuned into "Black Liberation Theology." What is it and why is it dangerous? How influenced is Barack Obama by it? And why is it far more prevalent than anybody thought?

Eric Barger returns to talk about "The Occult and Bible Prophecy." Why has he linked these two together? Listen and learn. www.ericbarger.com

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