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Jan and guest co-host Tom Marsland discuss all the troubling issues for a Christian of "You Decide: 2008". Is there a perfect answer? No. How do we settle for a candidate who does not share many of our values or issues that should trouble Americans? What does the Bible say about such issues, government, and how God deals with rulers?

Jan interviews Senator Charles Grassley, (R-IA) on the investigation of six mega-ministries being questioned for possible misuse of donor funds. He emphasizes this is not a witch hunt, but an attempt to get these leaders to obey the law and states five out of the six are not cooperating. Jerry Robinson also joins in on the discussion with Grassley and discusses the error of "Word of Faith" theology.

Jerry Robinson remains this hour to discuss the economic outlook present and future. He suggests we have not even begun to feel the pain but offers hope for the believer. They also discuss some very current events. www.jerryrobinson.org

Joel Rosenberg's first message at "Understanding the Times 2007", "Epicenter, Part 1." Joel explains why the Middle East is the focus of the world and why Israel is the center of a target. He explains why we are seeing shades of Ezekiel 38 - 39 shaping up today. You can order conference CDs or DVDs here.

Dr. Gary Cass heads the Christian Anti-Defamation Council and is the author of "Christian Bashing." In just a few short years, conservatives and evangelicals are now equated with the Taliban. How has this happened, why have we let it happen, and what can we do about it? Cass insists this is not the time to "turn the other cheek" but to fight back and contend for the faith. www.christianadc.org

Maj. Gen. Georges Sada was an insider in the Saddam Hussein regime. Because he was an evangelical Christian, Saddam not only trusted in him, he also confided in Sada. The General reports that there were weapons of mass destruction and also reports on a 1990 plan to drop chemical weapons on Israel. On many occasions, Sada intervened and spared a disaster.

Roger Oakland joins Jan to talk about the conference he was able to attend, Robert Schuller's "Re-Think" in January. Schuller, Erwin McManus, and other "notables" believe Christianity must change; do away with the old, bring in the new. McManus states he would like to see Christianity as is destroyed. A sobering hour and a wake-up call to stand against growing apostasy. www.understandthetimes.org

Prophecy scholar and author, Dr. Thomas Ice and Jan disect Dominion/Reconstruction Theology. This is now prominent in all denominations: Perfect the earth so that Christ can return as He must return to a spotless earth. But the Bible says just the opposite. Only His return can wipe out the Fall in the Garden that makes the world forever blighted until His return. www.pre-trib.org

Warren Smith returns to the program to talk about Oprah Winfrey's year-long XM Satellite Radio program, "A Course in Miracles." Promoter Marianne Williamson is also pushing for a Cabinet level position for "peace." While many thought the New Age died out in the 80s, it is stronger than ever and the movement's "bible" is Williamson's "A Course in Miracles." In this age of deception, too few can see the real truth behind these efforts which will worsen with Oprah's forthcoming "Oprah Winfrey Network" on TV.

Bill Koenig is a White House correspondent for Koenig's International News. He accompanied the president on his Mideast tour in January and Bill gives a report. Koenig also talks current events, the consequences of dividing Israel, and the 2008 election. www.watch.org

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