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Spiritual Deception

Spiritual DecptionSpiritual DecpetionJesus said on the Mount of Olives (Matt. 24) that deception would be the primary cultural sign of the last days. Even some of God’s “elect” might be deceived by false theologies. “Good would be called evil and evil good” (Isaiah 5:20). Men would substitute light for darkness and darkness for light. Apostasy would consume churches and denominations that were once solid.

Friday, 02 December 2016 15:43

Rick Joyner Shares Prophecies That Signal Rise of Glorious Church

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NOTE: Joyner is espousing Kingdom Now/Dominion Theology--a very false teaching. -- OTM

Rick Joyner is asking two clear questions: What is it about Cyrus that is a parallel to Trump? What can we therefore expect from his administration? Joyner then goes on to offer some prophetic insight:

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