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Palestine“Palestine” is a fantasy-land. That is why we head this category “Palestine?” “Palestinians” are simply Arabs like Jordanians, Syrians, etc. In 2006, the “Palestinians” voted into power, as their leaders, the violent terror group known as Hamas. They ousted the slightly more moderate group Fatah, currently headed by Mahmoud Abbas. But how much more moderate is Fatah? Abbas earned his PhD with a paper on the fiction of the Holocaust. Neither side will recognize Israel’s existence, yet the Western world insists Israel make “peace” with both parties. “Palestine” and the “Palestinian” cause only came about in the mid 1960s when Yaser Arafat put the movement on the map.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013 07:48

The Counterfeit Arabs

They are the Arabs who call themselves Palestinians.

They are indistinguishable from those Arabs who live in the surrounding artificial states such as Iraq, Jordan, Saudi Arabia or the other entities throughout the Middle East created by the colonial powers, France and Britain. Both powers were victorious after the Ottoman Turkish Empire lay defeated at the end of World War I.

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Two different Palestinian football tournaments recently included teams named after terrorists. Four teams were named after terrorists who were behind some of the most lethal attacks murdering Israeli civilians.

Although these were not official Palestinian Authority tournaments, the fact that the Palestinian organizers chose to name teams after these terrorists testifies to the success of the PA policy to present terrorist killers as role models for Palestinians.

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This unpleasant bit of history is routinely ignored and glossed over, despite the blazingly obvious congruence of National Socialist anti-Semitism with modern-day Islamic jihadist anti-Semitism, which existed long before Nazism and helped fuel it.

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Why are our tax dollars going to fund thugs and terrorists?

The Palestinian Authority is doling out millions of dollars in cash grants to convicted terrorists recently released from Israeli prisons in a program announced the same day as the P.A. accepted $148 million in the latest round of U.S. aid.

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Fact 1: There is no such thing as an Arab “Palestinian.” Before Israel’s statehood in 1948, the name “Palestinian” meant a Jewish person living in that land, not an Arab. The word Palestinian became associated with Arabs only later, when Yasser Arafat artificially created a new so-called nation of Arab “Palestinians,” many of whom came from and have direct relatives in neighboring countries, such as Jordan or Egypt.

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Friday, 19 April 2013 08:37

Palestinians Cheer While America Mourns

On April 16, Palestinians in Gaza cheered. They danced in the streets and handed out candy and sweets to motorists and pedestrians alike. They were not however celebrating the inauguration of a new school or the completion of a hospital. Instead, they were celebrating death. On April 16, Palestinians of Gaza celebrated the Boston marathon atrocity. While our first responders were picking up severed limbs and tending to the wounded, Palestinians reveled in Boston’s misery.

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In the entrance to the luxurious building that houses the European Union, the aide of Dr. Fiorello Provera from Italy was waiting for us. Dr. Provera is the deputy head of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament and up until a year ago, Provera was one of the members of parliament who spoke routinely about returning occupied territories and the establishment of a Palestinian state based on the ’67 lines as part of a “two states for two peoples” solution. He supported the routine transfer of monies to the PA, and all he knew about Israel is that it is a Western style state that has a seacoast, pretty models and noisy discotheques.

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Earlier this month, Palestinian children were taught Islam-based hatred of Jews on the weekly PA TV children’s show The Best Home. A young girl recited a poem filled with both Islamic hate messages and other libels demonizing Jews.

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Thursday, 04 April 2013 07:30

Abbas: Freeing Terrorists is Our Priority

Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas said on Wednesday that the freeing of terrorists serving time in Israeli prisons was a "priority" for his leadership.

"The Palestinian leadership gives priority to the prisoners issue and ending their suffering," Abbas said in a speech to a meeting of his Fatah party in Ramallah, according to AFP.

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Palestinians have vandalized a banner bearing President Barack Obama’s image just days before his visit.

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