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Islam & the Arabs

Islam & ArabsDaniel 11:5 says that the “King of the South”, the Arabs, “will grow strong.” They have since the term “petrol politics” became so important. The Bible said that the Arab’s “hand would be against everyone” and that he would be as a “wild donkey” (Gen. 16:12). But God promised to multiply the descendents of the Arabs (Genesis 16:10), and bless them. He planted their tents on the oil wells of the earth! But the 22 nations surrounding Israel are determined to exterminate her.

The Islamic Mein Kampf

Thursday, 05 February 2015 07:24


By Shira Sorko-Ram

Researching the Muslim Brotherhood in America is a difficult mission. It's not that the objectives of the Brotherhood are hard to find. Countless Islamic websites loudly proclaim their goal to create and rule a world-wide Islamic empire which they call a Caliphate. Since the Muslim Brotherhood has 2000 branches in 70 countries, their strategies are out there for anyone and everyone to find.

Whereas Islamic groups like ISIS (also called the Islamic State), al Qaeda or Boko Haram in Nigeria are bent on raw terrorism and violent warfare, the Brotherhood (Ikhwan in Arabic) prefer to reach their goal of world domination by building an indissoluble network and then taking over the country through elections.

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An Egyptian government website features a warning that the Muslim Brotherhood has a lobby in the U.S. disguised as civil society organizations.

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Friday, 23 January 2015 11:26

22 Islamic Terrorist Camps Located In US

According to the FBI, there are at least 22 Islamic paramilitary communes in the US. These communes are operated by the Pakistan-based group Jamaat al-Fuqra and its main US front group, Muslims of the Americas.

Conservative blogger Pamela Geller has been keeping an eye on the camps since 2007.

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Friday, 23 January 2015 11:24

The Point of No Return for Islamic Violence

There would be far less bloodshed if our leaders read and understood the Bible. In Genesis, we are told that there is a spiritual conflict between Abraham's two sons. Isaac would be the son of the promise and Ishmael would be cursed as a "wild ass" of a man with his hand against every man and every man's hand against him (Genesis 16:12).

I think it's clear to the vast majority of people that the children of Ishmael are the world's worst trouble makers, but political correctness stands in the way of corrective action. Because Islam is so clearly satanically driven, I think that beyond this point—we are inevitably headed toward the Tribulation judgment.

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Thursday, 20 November 2014 12:08

God's promise to the Arabs

Joseph Farah explains what is prophesied about future of his people

You will never see me shy away from identifying myself as an Arab-American. I'm as eager to let people know about my ethnicity as any Italian or Irishman or Greek. I am intrigued by the Arab culture. I'm a student of it. I love many aspects of it. It's why I was so pleased to become a Middle East correspondent many years ago.

And, as a Christian, I have searched the Scriptures to find out the fate of my people in prophecy and what promises God makes to them. I think most people would be surprised at what the Bible actually says.

There's good news for Arabs in the Bible.

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Second, we can also notice that the dots have connected rapidly in the recent past from an ideological perspective with the advent of the Islamic State. ISIS acts as somewhat of a "clearinghouse" for global Islam and for reasons that would escape most westerners, they are becoming attractive to people that originally had nothing to do with Islam. Worldwide Muslims and new converts are becoming united by this new wave of Islamic ideology (religion, diet, politics, banking, education). The Islamic State has obviously established a barbaric and murderous reputation for itself in no time at all, yet it continues to attract new recruits daily. These new recruits have three main enemies: The Jews, Christians and the West. Dots have been connecting ideologically.

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By now, there are not that many places in the world where the acronym ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) or ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) remain unknown. ISIS also known as IS (Islamic State) has acquired quite a ruthless, bloody reputation in just a few months. When it was first announced that they were a splinter group from Al-Qaeda, we witnessed an almost "tongue-in-cheek" yet blasé reaction from most people. Little did we all know about the rapes, crucifixions and beheading that were about to take place. Now we know and yet, very little is being done to nip ISIS in the bud. The bold Caliphate declaration by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi on June 29, 2014 ( the first day of Ramadan) was a surprise to most, but it remained unchallenged. It is a long shot to expect the rebirth and growth of an Islamic caliphate, but we must remember that even if the Third Reich was short lived, it decimated millions in its destructive path.

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Monday, 29 September 2014 15:40

Allah Made Me Do It

Stop me if you've heard this story before.

A Muslim convert who recently became very religious beheads a woman while reportedly shouting Islamic phrases. The authorities rush to convince everyone in sight that it has nothing to do with Islam.

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Monday, 08 September 2014 19:21

Will the Real Islam Please Stand-Up?

Back to trying to identify real Islam. I understand that many within Islam will disagree with me, strongly or not so strongly. But I would like to posit that the only "Real Islam" is the Islam that the western world is faced with today, and has been quietly observing for the last several decades. It is currently represented by the likes of Al-Qaeda, Boko Haram, Hamas and of course the now globally infamous Islamic State (formerly known as ISIS or ISIL). But what about 90% of the 1.5 billion Muslims who call themselves moderate, they couldn't possibly be categorized using the same criteria? That is absolutely correct, and that is because I don't believe for a minute that they are moderate. I would much rather describe them as "nominal" or "cultural" Muslims instead of moderate ones.

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Wednesday, 03 September 2014 07:31


Call the enemy what you like – radicals, fundamentalists, Islamic terrorists, jihadists, or just plain Muslims. Connect the dots to their past activities, and you will uncover a disturbing pattern: a fanatical commitment to eliminating infidels.

Some of you may recall the American Embassy bombings (in Dares Salaam, Tanzania, and in Nairobi, Kenya), and the brutal killings of innocent Westerners (Wall Street Journal Reporter Daniel Pearl, Businessman Nick Berg, and American Helicopter Engineer Paul Johnson). For those who don't here are a few highlights from the 50 past you may recall, which should help connect the dots.

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