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"My red flags, my suspicions have been aroused," Limbaugh said. "They are working real hard, Brazile and whoever else is part of this, they're working real hard to make us turn our heads over here and take a look at what she's writing and what she's saying and following it, getting caught up in it like a soap opera, while over here where we're not looking, something's going on."

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Wednesday, 08 November 2017 18:45

Sure End-of-the-Age Indicator - Terry James

NOTE: Olive Tree Ministries echoes the sentiment of Terry about the attack on the Rapture and particularly the pre-Trib Rapture.  It has been a relentless attack on us here at OTM. It is fine to disagree but we would ask that some who are disagreeing would do so agreeably. Some seem incapable of that. -- OTM

It is my usual procedure to not respond to the virulent email I get almost daily from those who don't believe in the pre-trib view of the Rapture. These days the hate email is coming from those who sometimes even write that they hope we who do believe that God's Word teaches this doctrine be sent to Hell–the same place where they scream we are leading people with our "false teaching."

There are a number of these anti-Rapture flame-throwers who send out their rants on a regular basis. They have extremely limited audiences.....

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On Sunday, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton suggested on Fox News that churchgoers carry concealed weapons.

He was echoed by Rev. Robert Jeffress of First Baptist Church of Dallas, also on Fox News, who insisted that if a gunman opened fire at his church, "they may get one shot off or two shots off, but that's it, and that's the last thing they'll ever do in this life." That's because as many as half his church members carry concealed weapons into church with them on a given Sunday, Jeffress estimated.

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Why have stock prices risen so dramatically since the last financial crisis?

There are certainly many factors involved, but the primary one is the fact that the Federal Reserve has been creating trillions of dollars out of thin air and has been injecting all of that hot money into the financial market.

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Former DNC chair Donna Brazile knows full well that Hillary Clinton would not hesitate to throw her and anyone else under the bus if she thought for a minute they were about to stab her in the back.

Based on excerpts from her new book, Hacks, it seems that Ms. Brazile decided to get ahead of possibly one of the biggest scandals in Washington's political history and throw Hillary under the bus first.

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Authorities in this border state set their sights on a group of police officers believed to have executed two U.S. tourists and then covered up the crime by claiming the victims were armed drug smugglers.

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Wednesday, 08 November 2017 07:19

Has Love Grown Cold?


Our radio team opens discussing the harsh tone in ministry today and asks if love has grown cold as predicted? Then Ray Comfort joins Jan to talk about the epidemic of depression and suicide. Christians are not immune. Jan and Ray consider his film, "Exit: The Appeal of Suicide." View it here. This program could save a life today. We use the mobile app found at www.oneplace.com.

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Tuesday, 07 November 2017 16:48

Bend Until it Breaks

Omega Letter

Technically speaking, the state we are at now is one where man is at his most dangerous. This primarily because not only have we created the most dangerous weapons mankind has ever known, but we also lack the moral and ethical foundations to govern ourselves properly.

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By Robert Spencer - Jihad Watch

On October 21, Jihad Watch brought you the news of an event in Minnesota called "Exposing Sharia and the Deception of Islam," that had been canceled by the venue where it was supposed to be held. I just received this email from one of the organizers, explaining what happened next. Please contact the Ironwood Springs Christian Ranch and politely and courteously register disapproval of their Sharia compliance and persecution of Gary Froiland for calling attention to unwelcome and unpopular truths.

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