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Jan Markell: David, I'm looking at your March-April Lamplighter magazine. People can go to your website at lamblion.com to sign up for a hard copy, or to read it online. I happen to read it online. You've got an article in there under the headline of school shootings where you say, "After the recent school shooting tragedy in Connecticut, I noticed that the TV news programs focused on interviewing psychologists and psychiatrists as they sought an explanation for the senseless rampage. Most of what I heard in response to their questions was what I would call psychobabble. But, their questions got me thinking. It occurred to me that during the time that I was in public school from the first grade in 1945 to my senior year in 1956, there were no such massacres, and that caused me to wonder, 'What has changed?'."

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East Coast is bracing for a cacophonous summer as hordes of flying insects emerge for the once-in-a-generation phenomenon popularly known as "Swarmageddon".

After 17 years underground growing from larva to bug, billions of cicadas are set to revel in the final four climactic weeks of their unusual life cycle.

At some point over the next few weeks, when the temperature at eight feet below ground reaches a steady 64F, the nymphs, as juvenile cicadas are called, will scramble backwards out of the ground.

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Saëb Erakat, Member of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization and Chief Palestinian Negotiator, addressed the 352nd meeting of the United Nations Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People at UN headquarters in New York on May 20th. His message was wrapped in the standard Palestinian victimhood narrative. It contained superficially nice sounding words about the Palestinians’ interest in peace but only on their terms.

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It now seems clear that the Department of Homeland Security’s stockpiling of ammunition and other warfare supplies can no longer be dismissed as “conspiracy theory,” but is a very real development in the actions of an overreaching federal government.

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As a Christian, I’m often at odds with the culture around me. As our society embraces a growing number of unbiblical behaviors and attitudes, I find myself becoming more and more vocal in my opposition. I’m not alone; many other conservative Christians are also taking a stand for what the Bible teaches, particularly when it comes to moral behavior. Maybe that’s why I seem to hear Matthew 7:1 tossed around so frequently by those who want Christians to quiet down:

“Do not judge so that you will not be judged.”

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Monday, 20 May 2013 07:21

True Scandal - May 20

A tea-party group targeted by Democrats gets attention from the IRS—and the FBI, OSHA, and the ATF

Catherine Engelbrecht’s tale has all the markings of a classic conspiracy theory: She says she thinks that because of her peaceful political activity, she and her family was targeted for scrutiny by hostile federal agencies.

Yet as news emerges that the Internal Revenue Service wielded its power to obstruct conservative groups, Catherine’s story becomes credible — and chilling. It also raises questions about whether other federal agencies have used their executive powers to target those deemed political enemies.

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Monday, 20 May 2013 06:46

Balfour Declaration 2013! - May 20

Israel is the most hated nation on earth as manifest by the overwhelming, anti-Semitic, balloting of the majority of nations within the United Nations every time a vote is taken involving the Jewish state. Jerusalem has become the cup of trembling and burdensome stone prophesied by Zechariah (Zech 12: 1-3).

The Balfour Declaration of 1917 began the process of prophetic fulfillment at the time World War I was in full rage.

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The odds are you are not just a face in the crowd any longer. Even if your picture isn't plastered all over social networking and photo-sharing sites, facial recognition technology in public places is making it harder if not impossible to remain anonymous. Lesley Stahl reported on the new ways this technology is being used that even has one of its inventors calling it too intrusive. Her 60 Minutes report was broadcast Sunday, May 19.

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Jibril Rajoub, a senior Palestinian Authority official who is frequently characterized as a "moderate" in both the Western and Israeli media, said on Lebanese television that if the Palestinians had a nuclear weapon they would have nuked Israel "this morning."

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A story posted by The Washington Post on Sunday Evening will stir new debate and review over the tactics used by the Obama administration to monitor how journalists interact with government sources.

The reporter in focus — James Rosen a top Washington Correspondent for Fox News.

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