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Brexit leader Nigel Farage feels that Russian President Vladimir Putin behaved more stately than President Obama both pre- and post-Brexit vote.

Speaking on Fox News, Farage lamented that Obama behaved "disgracefully".....

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Wednesday, 29 June 2016 10:56

Cultivating a Culture of Decay

By David Fiorazo

More sobering polls have emerged recently further proving America's downward spiral. Our decline has been so gradual many of us did not notice – or did not want to notice – how the lines of acceptable behavior have shifted and the standards of morality have plummeted – even among professing Christians.

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It's not only illegal aliens who are escaping enforcement of the nation's immigration laws.
Under the Obama administration's expansive interpretation of executive authority, legal immigrants seeking citizenship through the nation's Naturalization process are now exempt from a key part of the Oath of Allegiance.

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Now two rulings have been released that cement the American court system's determination that Christians must not be allowed, under threat of penalty and punishment, to live as they believe in business or in public life.

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Venerable Watergate reporter Bob Woodward of the Washington Post was the first to publicly reveal her sensational "conversations" with deceased first lady Eleanor Roosevelt, as described in his book, The Choice.

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Wednesday, 29 June 2016 06:54

Why George Will is Wrong

George Will did not leave the GOP because he is a conservative, but because it is becoming too conservative for him.

George Will has left the GOP in a huff while claiming that his departure is on account of his conservatism. But Will's conservatism has a history of being tethered to very liberal policies.

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Perhaps the breakup of the EU is the pivot point Satan is using to orchestrate the final world economic collapse, pushing every nation to band together under the UN banner to combat the fallout. Or perhaps instead of world economic collapse, another startling development could threaten world order, such as the alien presence is finally revealed? Of course, we know those "aliens" are really demons masquerading as ETs.

However Satan directs the next moves, I suspect the kitchen sink will be used to justify military-imposed world governance as an antidote to all the chaos now compounding all over the globe.

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How did churches like NewSpring and Life.Church get thousands of Christians to start giving? By offering a refund if God isn't faithful.

This month, hundreds of Christians at a South Carolina megachurch can request a refund on all the money they've given since March.

NewSpring Church, led by pastor Perry Noble, is one of hundreds of congregations across the country that have offered 90-day tithing challenges.

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As uterus transplants become a more realistic possibility, some doctors say they are receiving inquiries from male patients who identify as women and want to become pregnant, according to the Daily Caller.

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Tuesday, 28 June 2016 06:54

The Distress of Nations, with Perplexity

Certain nations will be hit extremely hard due to diversity that true, born again Christians inhabit (i.e....the US), and others not so much. (i.e....Saudi Arabia and Iran). And since the world's economy and political stability relies on a stable US, the fact that if we are crippled (due to millions of missing Christians and children), then the world will be brought to its knees in delusion, madness, rage, and perplexity...and nothing will bring this world together faster than the perfect crisis.

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