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Cultural Decline

Cultural DeclineTowards the end of the age society is to decline in morals, values, etc. There will be a huge rise in immorality, hedonism, humanism, situation ethics, and more. Men will be lovers of self, lovers of money, proud, brutal, disobedient to parents, etc. See Matthew 24, II Timothy 3, Jude 18, and II Peter 3. Love will grow cold. Family values will be mocked. Entertainment will be perverse even for children. It will be “as the days of Noah.” And that describes the 21st Century.

Monday, 27 May 2013 17:05

Texas Boy Scout massacre

Condom training, cross-dressing troop members and lessons on “homophobia”: Welcome to the new, improved Boy Scouts of America.

The BSA just voted to embrace open homosexual attraction among boys. Boys can identify as “gay” and announce it to the whole troop, and this is now supposed to be OK.

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Let’s be clear about what this trial is all about. During some abortions, Gosnell delivered babies alive and then literally beheaded them in his abortion clinic, according to staff that observed the procedures. Performing about 1,000 abortions per year, prosecutors assert Gosnell made millions from taking the lives of both newly born and unborn children.

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Monday, 25 March 2013 07:13

Lesbian Mary, mother of God!

Public school performs 'gay' play mocking Bible, laughing at bestiality

A public charter school in Massachusetts turned a deaf ear to protests last week and followed through with performing a pro-homosexual play that mocks the Bible and has been blasted as “blasphemous.”

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A new report from LifeWay Research indicates that nearly six in 10 American adults believe that same-sex marriage is a civil rights issue like age, race, and gender—and nearly two-thirds believe same-sex marriage inevitably will become legal in the United States.

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Tuesday, 19 February 2013 07:29

We’re History

In New York City and Philadelphia “flashmobs” rob and vandalize newsstands and stores. This is a national phenomenon. In Chicago, the police department now won’t immediately respond to 911 calls if they involve post-burglaries, petty, or non-violent crimes. They’re too busy dealing with the daily carnage that is the nation’s highest murder rate, one that bested the number of military fatalities recorded in Afghanistan in 2012.

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Wednesday, 13 February 2013 14:41

Cultural Deviancy Is the Problem, Not Guns

There’s a story told about a Paris chief of police who was called to a department store to stop a burglary in progress. Upon his arrival, he reconnoitered the situation and ordered his men to surround the entrances of the building next door. When questioned about his actions, he replied that he didn’t have enough men to cover the department store’s many entrances but he did have enough for the building next door. Let’s see whether there are similarities between his strategy and today’s gun control strategy.

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Friday, 08 February 2013 07:20

Super Bowl leaves dark stain on U.S. image

We know now how he felt. We were watching the Super Bowl in the annual American moment of frenzied sports worship and suddenly an eerie half-darkness descended on the stadium. More humiliating yet, the TV producers did not have enough spare beer commercials to fill in for the action.

A great gloom descended on the stadium and the land. America stood befuddled at home around the onion dip, or sat on the couch befuddled. All anybody knew was that something deeply, psychically disturbing had taken place.

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The president of one of the world's largest seminaries vigorously defended traditional marriage at a recent conference.


“We have the only message that is running counter to the wisdom of the age” regarding human sexuality, said Albert Mohler, president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville. “We have to get over the idea that we somehow have a private message without public consequences,” he said at the Together for the Gospel conference in April. The conference, which met this year in Louisville, KY, is a biennial gathering of pastors committed to preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ as the church's central message.

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The Decay of Society: Schools as a Mirror

By Dr. David R. Reagan


The best way I can think of to summarize the decay of American society is to consider the results of a public school survey that was conducted in the mid-1940's and again in the mid-1980's. The survey was taken by the Fullerton, California Police Department in conjunction with the California Department of Education. The purpose was to determine the major disciplinary problems in the schools. The comparative results speak volumes (see the comparative chart below).3

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Monday, 23 April 2012 06:58

America's Crisis of Character

People in politics talk about the right track/wrong track numbers as an indicator of public mood. This week Gallup had a poll showing only 24% of Americans feel we're on the right track as a nation. That's a historic low. Political professionals tend, understandably, to think it's all about the economy—unemployment, foreclosures, we're going in the wrong direction. I've long thought that public dissatisfaction is about more than the economy, that it's also about our culture, or rather the flat, brute, highly sexualized thing we call our culture.

 Now I'd go a step beyond that. I think more and more ...

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