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Anti-SemitismKings, pharaohs, generals, fuehrers, Moslem extremists, and more have tried to exterminate the Jews for millennia. The Bible predicts the persecution of both Jews and Christians in many Scriptural references, with an intensification in the “end-times.” The Arab world fans the flames of anti-Semitism, as well as much of Europe and even Canada.

It has become more obvious in America with the push for a Palestinian state. Many, though certainly not all, who are pushing in America for a Palestinian state, and particularly on U.S. campuses, have anti-Semitic sentiment.

Anti-Semitism, The Pipeline of Hatred

Friday, 04 September 2009 19:00

"Never Again" Seems Likelier to Happen

Originally posted in May 2008

Sadly, as we marked this year's Holocaust Remembrance Day, "never again" seems further from reach than ever. Jews continue to be targeted, be it in the 1994 bombing of the Jewish center in Buenos Aires, Argentina, or the repeated desecration of Jewish graves in Berlin. Holocaust denial has became accepted as legitimate thought in some circles and has become a foreign-policy talking point in the regimes of others. And when I, a gentile columnist, have written about the outrage of Holocaust denial, I've received far too many letters defending the deniers.

"Jews don't care about anybody but the Jews," wrote one Canadian reader.  "Only a fool would trust a Jew to play fair with gentiles.  They're laughing at you for falling for their lies. Don't be such a sap."

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Friday, 04 September 2009 19:00

Today's Class: Hating Jews 101

Curriculum review finds Islamic schools in America breeding anti-Semitism

The U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom has suspected since last year that textbooks used at a Saudi-run school in Alexandria, Va., advocated religious bigotry. Now, the commission says, it has proof of its suspicions.

In October of 2007, the congressionally-formed, bipartisan commission actually recommended closing the Islamic Saudi Academy, even though at the time, it had not reviewed the school's textbooks.

But through congressional offices and other private sources, the commission was able to review curriculum used at the school and released their report this week.

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Friday, 04 September 2009 19:00

The Anti-Semitic Lie That Won't Go Away

While fires were still smoldering at Ground Zero, the Pentagon, and in a Pennsylvanian pasture, malicious people conjured up an evil myth. In the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, many in the Arab world believed that the vicious attack on America was not the work of Islamists, but rather was an Israeli-driven Mossad operation. This legend soon developed muscular legs and is now widely regarded by millions of Muslims as the truth.

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Friday, 04 September 2009 19:00

Jews Being Blamed For Financial Crisis

Jews being blamed for US financial crisis

Popular anti-Semitic sentiment frighteningly reminiscent of the lead-up to Nazi rule in Germany is growing in the United States in response to the current economic crisis.

With a deflated Wall Street begging for a lifeline from Washington, small businesses across the country unable to secure needed loans and average Americans being turned away by mortgage banks, many people are looking for a scapegoat.

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Friday, 04 September 2009 19:00

Blaming the Jews (Again)

Just as the Obama campaign seemed to be making progress in tamping down rumors about his alleged Muslim background and that he might be a "Manchurian candidate" for the Arab-Islamic world, up steps the Rev. Jesse Jackson to upset the falafel cart.

Jackson, who doesn't speak for the Obama campaign and has no role in it, was in Evian, France, the home of the preferred water of Volvo-driving liberals, where he spoke with columnist and author Amir Taheri about what he thinks the foreign policy in an Obama administration would look like. Jackson said things would start to improve in an Obama administration because "decades of putting Israel first" would come to an end.

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Friday, 04 September 2009 19:00

Using the Holocaust to Attack the Jews

Dozens of cities held ceremonies last week to mark International Holocaust Remembrance Day. The good news is that the dead were remembered. The bad news is that even as the Holocaust is becoming a fixture in the world's memory, it is also being increasingly used as a weapon against the Jews and the Jewish state.

For some, ironically, the acknowledgment of the Holocaust's reality has become a screen behind which anti-Semitism has gathered new force. The hard-core Jew-haters spent decades denying that the best-documented genocide in world history ever took place. That won them such derision that even many anti-Semites have begun to admit the reality of the Holocaust -- and now are hoping that simply by doing so, they can immunize themselves from the charge that they're anti-Semites in the first place. How can you be an anti-Semite, they figure, if you recognize the Holocaust?

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Nearly one-third of all Europeans say the Jews are to blame for the current global economic downturn, according to a new poll conducted by the Anti-Defamation League in seven European countries earlier this year.

When asked who was to blame for the financial crisis in Europe and the US, 31 percent of respondents across the continent pointed the finger at high-ranking Jews in the financial industry, reported Ha'aretz.

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Obama, despite his heavy support from American Jews, has been no friend to Israel.

By Melanie Phillips

In a letter to the Jerusalem Post, David Harris, director of the American Jewish Committee [AJC], has defended his organization's decision to participate in the preparatory meeting for Durban II - the follow-up to the 2001 U.N. World Conference Against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance, which took place in Durban, South Africa. Two weeks ago, AJC senior official Felice Gaer was part of the delegation America sent to try to improve the draft of the declaration, the final version of which will ultimately be approved at Durban II itself. The U.S. vowed that if its attempts to improve the draft failed, it would not participate in the final conference.

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The West is ignoring Iranian genocidal anti-Semitism due to a psychological "trauma model," according to an Israeli professor.

Dr. Hadar Lubin, co-director of the post-traumatic stress center in New Haven, Connecticut, and an assistant clinical professor in the department of psychiatry at Yale University, delivered a talk on "Trauma in Disguise: Antisemitism" at a conference last week.

There is an "identification with the aggressor out of fear" that the perpetrator will cause further harm, Lubin told The Jerusalem Post. This helps to explain why the Iranian "threat to annihilate Israel, which is very straightforward, very alarming, is ignored by the West," she said.

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From its inception, the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum has brought haters to its doors, with several dozen people protesting the 1993 dedication carrying signs such as, "Stop the big lie - the gas chamber hoax!"

The prime suspect in Wednesday's deadly shooting at the museum has a racist, anti-Semitic Web site, but sentiments akin to those he touts were on display on that rainy April day 16 years ago.

"America - Jews are your enemies, cocroaches and parasites," said one sign, misspelling and all. "Wake up America."

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