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America And Prophecy

But I ask you: What nation has ever survived, much less thrived, when it lost its national identity?

Just as the left blocks proposals to reduce federal spending and entitlement reform while claiming to support them, it is doing everything it can to block border enforcement. Barbarians aren’t at the gate; they are inside and blocking the erection of the gate.

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While most Americans refer to themselves as Christians, a study released Monday by Barna Group shows an upward trend in "post-Christian" beliefs and behaviors among the nation's adult population.

According to the study, which is an analysis of nearly 43,000 interviews conducted in recent years by the Ventura, Calif.-based organization, more than 70 percent of American adults describe themselves as Christians.

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Thursday, 02 May 2013 11:45

David Limbaugh: America Is Upside-Down

I realize that in today's America, the notion that we should seek to preserve and promote the traditions, values and ideals that this country's founding generation mostly shared is considered not just passé but offensively wrongheaded. Yes, why would we want to perpetuate a once underlying consensus (and the Constitution formulated on it) that gave rise to the greatest nation in world history? Well, many don't, as they level further assaults on our Constitution, our liberty tradition and what used to be our shared values.

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Thursday, 02 May 2013 10:48

Does America have a prayer?

Yet things are not right in the land. We pray, “May God bless America.” But perhaps it should be, “May God have mercy on America.”

As we survey the modern American landscape, we see many examples that things are not right: more than 55 million abortions in America since 1973, rampant pornography, mass shootings, promotion of “gay marriage,” dissolution of marriage in general, runaway debt that will enslave our children and grandchildren, threats to our religious liberty like never before.

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I began the book by writing about how God deals with nations. I showed from Scripture a series of seven principles that govern how God relates to a nation. I pointed out that when a nation begins to rebel against God, He will send prophets to call the people to repentance, and if they ignore the prophets, He will then send remedial judgments. If the people persist in their rebellion there will come a "trigger point" when God will deliver the nation from judgment to destruction.

The trigger point is revealed in the book of Nahum.

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